Maintenance Dredging Works, Pertamina, Balongan

Pertamina, the government petroleum company, has several major ports, and one of them is Balongan - a port for oil and LPG supply for all Java.

Maintenance dredging of Channel and turning basin in Balongan Port actualized every year, and the length of dredging area is 5,000 meters, width of channel is 70 meters, diameter for turning basin is 400 meters and depth is -7 meter ACD.


Maintenance Dredging Works, Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat

Maintenance dredging of Channel to Pontianak Port is routine dredging actualized every year, with funds from P.T. Pelabuhan Indonesia II which is the management body of major ports in Indonesia. The area of the maintenance dredging works carried out by P.T. Inai Kiara Indonesia is 80 meters wide, 10,000 meters long and to a depth of -4.2 meters ACD.

This channel is very important for sea transportation to fulfill the economic needs of Kalimantan Barat region.


Reclamation Works, Pulau Nipa, Batam

P.T. Inai Kiara Indonesia has successfully completed the reclamation work on Nipa Island that has a total project value of RM56.0million (USD 16.4million). Completed in March 2007 in a mere 4 months duration with the help of Inai Kiara's TSHD vessel Inai Selasih, the island which initially only has an area of around 3,600m³ now becomes 60Ha. With the completion of this project, this valuable island is now ready for any insfrastructure development planned by the Indonesian Republic as the island location is very important in guarding the Republic's territory.